The Darley Dale Fly Fishing Club

Founded 1862

The Darley Dale Fly Fishing Club was formed in Derbyshire in 1862, which makes it one of the oldest fly fishing clubs, not just in Derbyshire, but in the country.

For the coming season from April 2021 the Club welcomes applications from prospective members.

On the Derbyshire Derwent between Darley Bridge and Rowsley we own approximately one mile of single bank fishing on the left bank, starting from the top of Pump House field on the east side of the river (one field down from Peak Rail)
Improvements to provide easier access to the river were introduced for the 2015 season. Further improvements have been made recently.

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Also a quarter of a mile, approximately, of double bank fishing at Carr Hill Farm – (below Abbey Pool).

The River Derwent in Derbyshire is a rain fed river, which has its sources on moorland above the Ladybower, Derwent and Howden dams. However this acid origin is offset by the fact that at least in part it flows through limestone country, as do its two principal tributaries, the Noe and the Wye. The river therefore has very good weed growth and a diverse population of invertebrates which makes for excellent fly fishing. As with many of our rivers once common creatures such as the native crayfish and the water vole have become rarities, however the Mayfly hatch, subject to typical, if mysterious, seasonal variations, is still a regular and welcome feature of this beautiful stretch of water.
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