The Fishing

The water offers private fishing and is only open to club members and their guests.
The normal quarry fish in the river are brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout. The brown trout are a mixture of wild and stockfish. The fisherman can expect to encounter brown trout of any size up to, exceptionally, 4 to 6 lbs although these are rare. The river can grow reasonable numbers of fish up to, say, 1½ to 2 Ibs but above this the chances are very much that the fish is a stockie. The stockfish that are put in vary but are typically 11 – 15″ and make for good fly fishing in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.
The rainbows in the river are a mix of two strains. The spring spawning fish, which were originally stocked in the Wye in the 19th century, and where they became acclimatised, are still the most numerous. There is some evidence that these fish are spawning in the Derwent as well as the Wye. The ‘normal” autumn spawning rainbow and indeed their sterile derivatives are to be found as a consequence of fish dropping down from other clubs waters (and Ladybower) upstream. These fish do not spawn in the Club’s waters, nor are they normally stocked.
The stretch has an excellent head of grayling although, while the average size varies from season to season, a fish over a pound is regarded as good and one over two pounds would be exceptional. They provide good sport to the fly through the summer and more especially the autumn, and are popular with some members for offering an opportunity to fish throughout the winter when the trout are out of season.