Club Rules and Etiquette

The Rules  When you join the Club you will receive a set of rules. These are not for guidance they are rules and your committee expect them to be respected. Any member has our complete support in drawing the infractions of rules to the attention of the person concerned and back to us for action if they don’t receive immediate co-operation.
Etiquette Certain behaviour is not covered by the rules and indeed, most members need no help in understanding but for the benefit of one or two who may be new to river fishing and need guidance, please consider the following:
Don’t walk along the skyline above a pool where someone is already fishing, it is frustrating to have spent some time stalking a rising fish under the bank only to have some chump come gawping over the bank top. Keep well back from the bank on pools where you see another angler and only approach, if necessary, from behind and lookout for back casts.
Don’t enter the water in an area that an angler already in the water is clearly working their way up, or down stream to fish. There’s plenty for everyone to go at and you should never fish the same pool or run except by invitation. 250 metres separation is a good rule to apply.
Don’t leave litter and especially nylon off cuts.
If driving across the fields please stick to the track and avoid driving on the grass.
SHUT any farm gates that are shut before you get there and leave OPEN any farm gates that are open before you get there
If you wear a hat bedecked with reservoir lures don’t be surprised if you excite the suspicions of other members about what flies you have been using!