The following protocol provides guidance on the Club’s Rules. The PROTOCOL is not a substitution for the Rules which govern all members and guests and they should familiarise themselves with those Rules.

This protocol was written as a helpful adjunct to the rules. As with all our fishing the angler’s attitude affect how we fish for grayling but it is written with the maintenance of our fish stocks in mind.
Bait means worm or maggot only, and bait fishing is permitted from 1st December to the end of February inclusive.
Only one barbless hook size 14 or less should be used.
Lead free shot only.
Groundbaiting or loose feeding in not permitted.S
Spinning, lures and keepnets are prohibited
Daily bag limit to be decided at the AGM
All returned fish, including trout should be carefully handled with wet hands. Fly fishing for grayling is permitted from 16th June to the end of February inclusive. Any day fished between 8th October and the end of February, DOES NOT count towards the limit imposed in Rule 27.
There is no specific limit on the number of days that may be fished for grayling out of the trout season but members should limit themselves to a reasonable number of days. It is suggested that 20 days would be a reasonable maximum. Not more than one guest per member on any one day and no guest to be invited more than three times between 8th October and the end of February. All guests should be accompanied by his/her host/hostess. Guest tickets are not required but the member accompanying the guest should ensure that the name and address is put into the diary in the hut.
If you discover that you are in a swim inhabited by brown trout and you are catching mainly, or a majority, of brown trout please move.