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Note this is only to be used as an indication as to the river height.

There are EA monitoring stations at Ashford in the water on the Wye and Chatsworth on the Derwent. Because the weather can be very different at times in Buxton and Edale or due to “draw down” and the release of water from Ladybower, it is probably best to  use the Matlock station readings when fishing our stretch of the Derwent.

You may use rule of thumb judgement, if the readings are above .7 metres in Matlock the river is beginning to flow quickly and carry colour and areas you would normally wade would become increasingly difficult on our stretch. Below .7 metres areas you would normally wade will become increasingly easier and the water will tend to become more clear.

It is worth noting the time the station reading displayed was recorded as many are made at 4am. Any judgement about expected water conditions should also take into account weather conditions in our area and at the headwaters.

By regularly referring to this site before fishing members may develop a personal yardstick by which to make a judgement about the likely river conditions they may meet when visiting the river.

For river levels at the Matlock monitoring station The Environment Agency

For river levels in the Derwent catchment from the Environment Agency  there are also monitoring staions at Chatsworth, Ashford-in-the water .

To buy your fishing licence on-lineEnvironment Agency

Local Weather Reports for the Derwent Valley Area –

Met Office Weather Report    or      BBC Weather

Societies    The Wild Trout Trust       The Salmon and Trout Association

The Grayling Society       The Angling Trust                  The RiverFly Partnership


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